3 thoughts on “Tall Tale contest, Rise and Shine

  1. Jackie, this was a great Tall Tale. Vocal variety strong. Excellent twist at the end. Two suggestions as you take this to Area. 1) the speaking area will be larger and so moving around a bit, with purpose, might be helpful. 2) Dwell a moment or two longer after the ending twist before you walk after the stage.

  2. Good gestures and vocal variety. I have two main suggestions. First, your volume would drop at the end of some of your sentences to the point it was hard to hear you. Also, at one point you leaned over to tell us about the Idaho ground. I would suggest that you bend at the knees instead of the waist so everybody can still see you face.

  3. Jackie, For some reason the version on Post and Coach wasn’t as funny as in person. Nevertheless, it was great. Here are my suggestions.
    * I agree with steve to use more of the stage.
    * I agree with Isaac that sometimes your voice dropped at the end of a phrase. For example, when you said Tannius didn’t have a dog, like normal folk, you said he had a big, scraggly (or whatever adjectives you used), but then I couldn’t hear what it was.
    * When you said Tannius disappeared, never to be seen again, you turned your back to us. NEVER turn your back to the audience. You should just wave your arms to the far yonder.

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