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At the recent District 15 district/division/area officer training, our Regional Advisor Eric Vaughn suggested reading the book “The Servant.”  I did.   Also read a related book, the Servant Leader.   Toastmaster’s Leadership Excellence Series has a talk on Service and Leadership.  I tried to bring these thoughts together in this talk.  I would very much appreciate knowing how i could further improve the talk, because I will give it other times and places.

NOTE: there are two videos of the same speech.  The first is from a Flip camera, compressed by 1/20 to a *.flv file on my ancient PC.  The second is from Blake’s high quality camera, processed by his wizardry, and uploaded as a *.m4v file.





One thought on “Service Leadership

  1. Steve, Nice speech. The connection between how your grandmother was a leader wasn’t clear. Yes, she was kind & friendly, but how is that being a leader? When you talked about how for others it may not be their grandmother, but that it could be their Uncle bill, or whatever, you gave too many examples. Three would be enough. Also, you tell the audience to be a leader in TM, but don’t tell us how. Think of some simple ways people are leaders in TM, such as being the treasurer, or being the president or the VP education. Basically, all through the speech, more concrete examples would be good. the speech gives a different viewpoint on being a leader, which was good.

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