One thought on “Trees – a possible future international speech – first attempt

  1. I am commenting stream of consciousness….
    Your analogy to a tree is your infrastructure. How you build around that is key. We are all trees whose bark can cover scars not visible, so we should be gentle, not assuming too much about other trees. So the forest is the analogy to society. A healthy forest consists of trees that have weathered the storms of life. This sparks a recall of something I read a long time ago — where the root system in a forest has a synergistic effect on resisting disease — a little research in this area could inspire a supporting aspect to your theme.

    Sunshine, firm ground, moisture – what trees need in common. Will need to avoid references to Idaho weather in an international speech. People have needs in common. Food (nourishment – probably avoid “fertilizer”), water, love (sunshine).

    Draw a heart in the bark. Perhaps carve.
    Loss of child – perhaps analogous to loss of a limb. Could compare mother and father to boughs (trunks that split but join at the bottom) and children to limbs. Has potential since the family tree is a common concept. Could ignite vivid a work picture for a forest early in the speech.

    Perhaps begin with the tree-forest, family-society metaphor so all the references fall into place thereafter.

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