About Post and Coach

We are building a website and associated culture for those interested in improving their communication skills (such as Toastmasters) to post videos and receive constructive feedback to improve speeches and speakers.

We are obliged to clarity that this is not an official Toastmaster website in any way, at this time.

Be a more effective speaker (in person or on video) by posting a video and then …

getting feedback from those who did not see you in person (expand those giving you feedback),
getting feedback from those who did see you in person and now have the video to analyze further, and
viewing your talk with the sound off.

Help others by …

providing constructive feedback to their talks while
thinking about the difference between in-person and video.

Help adapt to the video age by …

helping explore the difference between in-person and video talks.

People posting a video can decide whether each post is public or restricted to logged-in users.

You have to be logged in to post a video or to add a coaching comment on a posted video.  If you are not logged in, you can only see those video’s that people have posted to be public.

If you “subscribe” to this website, it notifies you upon new posts.

As one watches videos remember the values – be encouraging and positive and constructive in your coaching comments.  Remember the purpose of the speech you are watching, including whether it is a draft or practice speech.  Comment on speechcraft, not whether you agree or disagree with the content.  And, remember the difference between seeing a talk in person versus via video.

For more information, contact Steve Piet at pietsteven@hotmail.com

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