How to post a video

Step 1: Create a video you want to post by getting someone to record it, or record it yourself from a video camera or even a web cam built into your computer.  You may want to consider suggestions to get an appropriate quality video.

Step 2: Prepare the video file.  PostAndCoach works with videos stored privately on YouTube for free; thus, your video file must be in an appropriate format, see Video Formats.

If your file is not already in an appropriate format, convert it.  There are many free programs to do so, see Video Converters.  These programs can also help you trim your video to get rid of irrelevant stuff at the beginning or end.  YouTube will not allow videos longer than 15 minutes.

If it is too large, the same programs will allow you to shrink it.  The file uploader in PostAndCoach limits file size to 500 MB.  Even this would be too large if you have a slow internet connection.

Step 3: Upload the video  directly from within PostAndCoach by starting a new post. There is a black ribbon at the top.  Click the “+ New” pull down menu and select “Post“.

If you haven’t already done so, log into PostAndCoach.  If you do not have a PostAndCoach log-in identification and password, request a password using the form to the right.

Enter the title of your post.  In the large text box, enter what you want others to know about your post.  What are you most looking to get feedback about?   (There is currently no time limit on when comments can be added for a given post.)

Click on insert media, a new window will open.

On the left, scroll down and click on “Youtube uploader“.  Enter a title for the video. You can leave “description” blank.  Click Next.

Click Choose File and navigate on your computer to the file you wish to upload.  After you have chosen the file, it will take you back to Choose File and show the name of the file you will upload.

Click Upload.  The bottom left will show you the progress as “Uploading (XX%).”  During the upload, you can open a new window in your browser , but do NOT close or navigate from this window; if you do, the post will be incomplete and (at best) a “draft.”

When done, click on insert into post.  You will now be back on the new post screen.

If for some reason, the direct upload doesn’t work, manually upload your video to YouTube or any other site for which video’s can be accessed via a URL address.  For more information on how to upload to YouTube, see Upload Video to YouTube.  Then, in the text block, add a link to your video by pasting in the URL address, as text, of the YouTube video.  (If you need more info, see  )

Another alternative is to send the video to one of the site administrators or editors and we can post it for you.  Most video files are too large to email.  So, contact Steve Piet at, who will arrange for you to DropBox the file.  Once you are given access to the DropBox established for PostAndCoach, you merely copy your video to what your computer considers just another folder.

Step 4: Finish the post.

Your text – Give us the context.  Is this a practice?  Is it intended to be in-person, video, or both?  If video, is it one-way (like TV or a distributed video on DVD), partial two-way (webinar), or full two-way (video-linked meeting, Skype)?

Purpose of your speech – Indicate the purpose of your talk.

Speaker – Enter the name of the speaker either by (a) clicking on “Choose speaker” and then selecting the name or (b) typing the name of the speaker.  (The speaker is not necessarily the person who is uploading the post.)

Clubs – Enter the name(s) of the club(s) of the speaker by (a) clicking on “Choose clubs” and then selecting the name or (b) typing the name of the clubs.

Tags – Enter any additional key words you want people to be able to search on for this post.

Privacy – You have two ways to restrict who can see your post.  (1) Visibility (to the right) – leave it as “Public” or change to “Private”.  If Private, only people logged into the website, i.e., Toastmasters, can see that the post even exists.  (2) Content Permissions (at the bottom) – if the visibility=public, the public can see that the post exists, but you can restrict those who see the content of the post by clicking these boxes.

Decide whether to check either of the boxes at the bottom: get notifications of new posts and/or new follow-on comments

Click on PUBLISH.

If you want to edit your post, go to it on PostAndCoach’s home page.  Only the author of the post, the site’s administrator, or site editors can edit posts.  When finished, click UPDATE.

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