Upload manually

If for any reason the direct uploading doesn’t work, try the manual approach as outlined here.  Or, you can go to this link, which has pretty pictures: http://www.wikihow.com/Upload-a-Video-to-YouTube

1) Log into YouTube.  If you don’t have a user name and password, register.  Its free.

2) Upload the file to YouTube.

3) Under “basic setting” (a) mark the video as “UNLISTED” so that PostAndCoach controls access.  If “public” anyone can search for and view the video.  “If private”, PostAndCoach can’t access it.  (b) Delete tags.  (c) Have no description.

4) Under “advanced setting” (a) Turn off the various blocks for comments.  (b) disable comments.  (c) Be sure “Allow Embedding” remains checked; if not, PostAndCoach can’t access it.

5) Note or copy the URL address of the video so you can post the URL address into the “post” in PostAndCoach.

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